Got a pet named after 3eb? Got a 3eb car tag?
Is your room covered in 3eb?  
Anything branded 3eb can and will be added to this page, so send it in to me!  :

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Jen's 3eb Tattoo on left leg above ankle
"Tattoo of the Red Summer Sun"

Crawl and Marc's 3eb tattoos

Elizabeth's Son - who she named "Bjorn Arion"

Rachel's Car Tag

Megan's puppy, Jenkins

Angie's 3eb tattoo

Andrew's tattoo on his arm

Ashley's Tattoo on the small of her back.  
"It's of the "Red Summer Sun," "Blue" moon, and the rays of the sun resemble the scales on a dragon's back, in honor of "Dragons and Astronauts," which is the first 3eb concert I ever went to."

Sharon's Ornament

Caroline's 3eb Tattoos on her wrist

3ebwall.jpg (30082 bytes)

Khira's 3eb wall

Room.jpg (68347 bytes)

Michelle's 3eb Wall

Eric's Motorcycle License Plate

Molly's 3eb tattoo on her leg


Emily's tattoo on the small of her back

Nation's Tattoo

Janine's tattoo of the "falling man" on her left wrist.

Kristen's tattoo on her right shoulder blade

The picture is kinda fuzzy, but this is Stephan Arion.  He is Britney's hamster!

Jim's 3eb logo tattoo on his right arm
(he got each band member to autograph his arm backstage!)

Megan's 3eb Lyric Table

Eric's Motorcycle License Plate

Molly's 3eb tattoo on her leg

Michelle's kitten, Fredianelli

Deb's tattoo on the nape of her neck

Misty's tattoo in between her shoulders.

Stephan took this pic himself!  Misty got this tat from this image she saw on!

Logo by Dana

Image0g03.jpg (52380 bytes)

Teresa's puppy, Coby Blue
What a cutie!!

Sandy's kitten named Jenkins

Jen's Halloween Pumpkin 10/01

Natalie's car plate and autographed stuff in her room

Garrett's Tattoo