Start your own 3eb fan site!
Make your mark in the 3eb fan internet community!

Here's how you do it!

Step 1:

bulletDecide on a name for your site!
bulletTry to be original
bulletWhat's in a name?  Think about it!  Make it mean something to YOU!
bulletOpen a free account at Yahoo! Geocities
bulletGeocities is the best, free web host provider, in my opinion

Step 2:

bulletOnce your account is open, take a few days to read tutorials
bulletHere's a GREAT tutorial
bulletDecide what you want your colors to be

Step 3:

bulletPlay around and get the hang of writing HTML
bulletIt's not easy, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the basics
bulletWrite out what sections you want to have on your site
bulletStart with the basics
bulletAbout 3eb
bulletLinks to other fan sites
bulletAlbum information
bulletTour dates
bulletAbout the webmaster

Step 4:

bulletStart working on a layout on paper
bulletYou need a "home" page
bulletYou need an "index" page for your table of contents
bulletOther pages are decided on what sections you will have

Step 5:

bulletStart making your ideas come to life!
bulletI've gathered a few photos for you to start out with on your site
bullet3 of Tony
bullet3 of Stephan
bullet3 of Brad
bullet3 of Arion
bullet3 of the band

Step 6:

bulletTell the world!
bulletEmail your site link to
bulletEmail other 3eb fan sites and have them link you


If you think I'm missing some important steps or if you get started and
have some questions, email them to