2003 Ultimate 3eb Fan Gathering

Who:  All 3eb Fans

What:  2003 Ultimate 3eb Fan Gathering

When:  Friday, August 15  tentative start time of 2pm pacific time

Where:  Konocti Harbor Amphitheatre in Kelseyville, CA

Why:  3eb is so good to their fans and they have agreed to this special event as a way of saying "thank you" to the online fan community for their support. 

Cost:  $39-59 (concert ticket) Click here to purchase

Directions:  Click here

Rules:  You must purchase your own concert ticket.  You are responsible for your own travel and boarding.  You absolutely must RSVP and absolutely must be to the venue at the exact start time or you will not be allowed to join in the festivities, no exceptions.  Complainers and party poopers will be escorted out of the fan gathering, so make sure to wear your happy face on 8/15!

You must RSVP no later than 10pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 13. 

The Scoop:  First of all, let me reiterate that the band is so very gracious to do this.  We've got quite a special day planned for those who RSVP to the Ultimate 3eb Fan Gathering.  Not only do you get to meet your fellow online 3eb freaks, but you get to meet THE BAND and will be treated to a special sound check session where the fans pick the set list!  We've got lots of ideas and they've all been pretty much approved by the band as is.  But nothing is ever written in stone and plans are subject to change, so it's best to come to this event expecting only a meet and greet session - that way, anything else that you are treated to will be pure, orgasmic bliss! 

2003 Ultimate 3eb Fan Gathering 

The Big Idea

Fans meet up outside the Konocti Harbor Amphitheatre in front of the bathrooms at 2pm.  (All times are subject to change.)

2:00pm - Fans will be “checked in” against a “fan gathering guest list” to amphitheatre, their paid tickets will be torn and they will be seated temporarily along front rows.  The band will provide “goody bags” for each fan including a few items such as a stickers and posters that can be signed.  Goody bags will be passed out as each fan is checked off the list and enters the amphitheatre. 

2:30pm - Fans will be treated to a special sound check session.  3eb will “sound check” to a 6 song set list that the fans have voted for online in the weeks following up to the event.  Songs will most likely be unrecorded and/or lesser known favorites.   

3:15pm - Chairs will be brought out for the band and they will each have a mic.  Fans will engage in a question and answer session with the band, asking questions that will be sent in prior to the event.  Questions will be aimed at different band members and also the group.  Fans will be holding their question and a mic will be passed around for them to address the band from the audience. 

4:00pm - Fans will be treated to a meet and greet session and each allowed one item to be signed.  No individual photographs will be taken with band members, but fans will be allowed to take un-posed pictures as they move through the line.  After each fan has their item signed, everyone will join together for one big group shot with the band on the bleachers at the back of the amphitheatre.  In the days following the event, fans will be able to download the photo online and be referred to online services that can generate hard copies as keepsakes. 

4:45pm - Fans will be given first dibs on merchandise for sale at the show and then left to mingle with other fans until doors open at 5pm, at which time fans will be escorted to their assigned, purchased seats.

Now that you've read "the big idea," it's time to RSVP!  Only RSVP if you are absolutely certain that you will be attending!  Each individual attending the gathering will need to RSVP!  If you are not on the RSVP list you will not be allowed into the gathering!