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Sweet Jesus!  3eb released a new album!  If you haven't already bought URSA MAJOR, then you are a MAJOR A-HOLE.  Go now!  Just don't buy from Wal-Mart or you will get the PG-rated version.

Available Online Now on iTunes & Amazon


Happy Easter!  I found this while trolling around on thirdeyeblind.com today and thought I'd share with the folks that still visit me.  Please go to the 3eb main site and sign the petition that Star Fucker (official 3eb blogger) is circulating:



In case you haven't checked it out yet, Jim Carrey sings "Jumper" in the movie Yes Man which is now out on DVD.  You have to see it, simply hilarious and great use of a brilliant song!


Pic of Stephan with the new pres-to-be!



10/23/08 - Stephan's Blog #3


My life is measured out in albums I have loved. We try to make those albums.

On November 18, THIRD EYE BLIND is going to release three new songs from our up coming album, Ursa Major. It’s been five years since we put out our last album. Since then, the options on how to release music have exploded. Yay!

All of these options made us ask: What’s an album? How does one want to encounter it? Reaching people with music is our challenge and purpose—how should we do it? Here’s what we think.

Albums are the most vital and compelling art form in my life. Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite opera just by virture of brevity! I grew up with headphones and liner notes, finding my identity through albums, and I have spent my life making them.

Led Zeppelin, every album (cept presence!) sounds dangerous and compelling to this day. The Police's first three albums are still liberating and exotic. The Velvet Underground, Prince, Cat Stevens, The Clash, Joy Division, Tribe Called Quest, Jane's Addiction, and most influential to me, Camper Van Beethoven—their albums owned me probably more than I owned them.

I spent last year getting crushed by the raconteurs, justice, the foals, MIA, and the kings of leon.

I can’t wait to put out Ursa Major in hopes that others will feel about it the way I do about bands I love. I personally won’t feel like Ursa Major is done until I put the vinyl on the turn table and until I’m holding the CD in my hand.

I prefer albums to singles and mix tapes and playlists. I still put vinyl on my turntable and freak out about how good Icky Thump sounds recorded on 16 track tape heads.

However, the album was created by the limitations of vinyl--about forty five minutes and then expanded to the cd--about eighty minutes. Artists like The Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd made cohesive pieces of art from these limitations.

Albums were also created so that record executives could make cash. Albums require huge time commitments and budgets and then lots of promotion and album cycles and of course key tracks and hit singles, and payola, and getting signed and getting dropped, and 360 deals, and a very few people at the top of corporations who are interested in quarterly statements and ameliorating risk and who know what's best for your band.

We love albums, we also feel limited by them. All i am saying is your website can now be your album, an ongoing ever-changing one that grows and morphs and reflects your creative impulses as you have them. Grab the moment of a song and share it the night you finished it. Make art that you have for it and post it. Then go play some shows and record some more. Physical and digital releases can interconnect and enhance each other.

The album cycle is endless, the connection between band and audience is unbroken. How fluid and creatively freeing. And the best part is, you don't have to get permission form a boss in order to do it. Yay!

This all seems so much more democratic to me. Fewer people at the top will become billionaires this way, but more people will make a living making music. More bands who must be heard but couldn’t make a physical album have a chance. More music is available to kids like I was whose very identity depends on finding it. These are the days!

And while we are at it, I think the hit single is arcane as well. The songs that have resonated the longest with 3EB's audience sometimes haven't even been on our albums (see "slow motion").

Oil paintings require oil paint in order to exist, it's true. Music can exist and thrive in all kinds of formats--not just albums or singles. Maybe your best canvas is a website. Still friends?

I know that 3EB is launching a new website soon and we are giving it a lot of creative attention. It will be a device to engage our music, find, and share with others around music. We see it as one big digital album that will also go with our physical albums.

Finally, this is not an "us against them" argument. Majors continue to support hugely entertaining albums and I have worked with a lot of people at majors (like WEA) who care passionately about music. They are not going away and neither is the album.

I'm saying that choices are exploding. Albums are not the only way, and perhaps not even the most creative and effective way. Then again, they may be the way for you. Third Eye Blind is going to keep making records because we like them. But we are also going to put up songs like the three we are putting out on Nov 18th for download.

We might also in the future post a song when we record it and then maybe put out the album later.

WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING! We don’t think anyone else does either and we love it. We consider these to be exciting times to be lost in. I hope you have the choice and I hope you continue to find yourselves and each other through music.

10/06/08 - Stephan's Blog #2

here's the thing. i have known the feeling of that guiltless and free erotic moment where your legs feel free and you step up and say with the soul of provocation finally taking the floor within you where you do not rewrite or seccond guess yourself and you move beyond authentic to that "oh know you did not just say that" place knowing where i'm provoked, your provoked and somehow from there, we're elligable for peace in the muse that music brings.

so with that said, i am hoping today to finish the lyrics with an open heart and a funny mind full of flicker.

09/24/08 - Stephan's Blog #1

Yesterday was the first day of fall and oh do I feel the world changing all around me. I went to the Treasure Island music festival in San Francisco this weekend. I went to see the kills and the Raconteurs—they were both so good! And noboby clapped. Those poor sad hipsters. They are so nervous about having their choices impugned they could barely risk a cheer.

Lets get back to fearless I say. And that brings me to my album. Here we are today in the studio and tony is playing guitar on a new song called “Why Can’t You Be.” He’s been getting these gorgeous blues tones lately—fender strat through a fender showman and a movaje 2x12 cabinet. Tony can play guitar like the devil himself. When he’s done, I’m going to fly to Seattle where my friend Kimya Dawson is going to sing and she sounds like an angel, but that is a story to tell on a different blog. It’s a duet by the way.

I don’t know you, but I love you all for you are all made of lions!


The band is in Japan touring, and when they get back they will finish the album.  Ursa Major is the working title.


As Americans, we dream of a President who is honest, personable, intelligent, and wise.

We want a leader with courage and integrity who has known the struggles of an everyday American. A lot of people have stopped believing that may even be possible.

I haven't stopped believing. I support Barack Obama because he is that leader.

Join me in supporting Barack by making a donation to his campaign via my personal fundraising page.

This campaign for the presidency is unparalleled in history. Our need for an honest, fresh-thinking leader could not be more urgent. Americans are hungry for change and Barack Obama will bring that change when he is elected.

Please take a minute to check out my page and make a donation of any size.  My fundraising goal is $1000.

Thanks.  Jen


Mista Jenkins has been quite a busy man.  Over the past couple weeks, Stephan has taken it upon himself to speak at college campuses across the great state of Pennsylvania about candidate Barack Obama, and the importance of student involvement.

In a 5 part retrospective of his travels, learn not only about why Barack Obama is his choice, but also, simply, why it's so important to take action and regain control of our government.  Please view the videos.

Part 1:
Traveling Pennsylvania:

Part 2:
Why Barack

Part 3:
What it means to you

Part 4:
What you can do about it

Part 5
The issue of race

More tour dates!

04.26 Amherst MA Amherst College - LeFrak Gym
04.27 Oswego NY SUNY Oswego - Campus Center
04.29 New York NY Nokia Theatre
04.30 New York NY Nokia Theatre
05.03 Atlantic City NJ Tropicana Casino and Resort
05.04 Williamantic CT Eastern CT State University - Sports Center
05.06 Providence RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
05.07 New Haven CT Toad's Place
05.08 Wantagh NY Mulcahy's

also, the boys are gonna be playing 2 shows in alaska to help celebrate the summer solstice and all that...here's that info:

06.20 Fairbanks, AK Blue Loon
06.21 Anchorage, AK Moose's Tooth Pub

and there should be some more dates coming thru soon....got 1 at the end of may and 1 in june in mrytle beach, sc....gonna try and make a week out of that...

1/18/08 Upcoming Shows Just Announced!

SAT 2/9 Crawfordsville IN Wabash College - Chadwick Gym
SUN 2/10 Covington KY Madison Theatre
MON 2/11 OFF
TUE 2/12 Kent OH Kent State Univ. - Mem. Athletic & Conv Ctr.
WED 2/13 Buffalo NY Town Ballroom 
THU 2/14 OFF
FRI 2/15 Poughkeepsie NY The Chance 
SAT 2/16 Baltimore MD Loyola College - Reitz Arena
SAT 2/23 Orlando FL Universal Studios - Mardi Gras

03/20/08 Constant Conv. Ctr. @ Old Dominion Univ. - Norfolk, VA
03/22/08 Shapiro Gym, Brandeis University - Waltham, MA
04/05/08 Sojka Pavilion @ Bucknell Univ - Lewisburg, PA
04/17/08 Hollinger Gymnasium - West Chester, PA
04/20/08 Fieldhouse - Williams College - Williamstown, MA
04/26/08 Le Frak Gymnasium - Amherst, MA
04/27/08 Campus Center, SUNY Oswego - Oswego, NY


New Year's Eve Show with 3eb in So Cal!

Dec 31  Oaks Event Center: San Juan Capistrano, CA
website/ticket info:  http://www.ocnye.com/

My heart goes out to all you SoCal people affected by the fires.  Hopefully this good news will brighten your day a little! - Jen

10/19/07 - many updates!

Happy Belated Birthday to Stephan!  On 9/27 he became another year wiser!  He is currently celebrating Vanessa Carlton's new record, which he produced.  And with good reason!  It really is her best, go buy a copy!  For all you who follow the celeb gossip, Stephan and Vanessa are no longer an item, it was confirmed in People Magazine last week.

A few other random VH1 related things for ya....top 100 songs of the 90's is gonna be airing in December (2nd week I think?) and SCL will make an appearance, as will Stephan.  Also, Irv Gotti has a show on VH1 called "Gotti's Way." Irv is the guy who signed Vanessa and they came up to San Francisco and over to Stephan's studio to check in on Vanessa album....not sure how much of that will appear in an episode but something to look for!  Irv's show just recently starting airing last week I think...

Tour dates!  Some upcoming shows for the fall:

FRI     11/9    College Park MD Univ. of MD - Ritchie Coliseum    
SAT     11/10   Allentown PA    Crocodile Rock                 
SUN     11/11   Philadelphia PA Electric Factory        
MON     11/12   Richmond VA     Toad's Place                 
WED     11/14   Elmira NY       Elmira College - Emerson Hall  
THU     11/15   Worcester MA    Palladium                              
FRI     11/16   Hartford CT     Webster Theatre                        
SAT     11/17   Geneseo NY      SUNY Geneseo - Kuhl Gym        
SUN     11/18   Kingston RI     URI Ryan Center
THU     12/27   Aspen, CO       Belly Up
FRI     12/28   Aspen, CO       Belly Up     

Yay for me!  I had a baby girl, Ava Caroline, on 8/7. 

7/1/07 - Shows!

Date City Venue
07/21/2007 Farwell, MI Mountain Rock Music Festival
07/22/2007 Caddott, WI RockFest
07/23/2007 Madison, WI Barrymore
07/24/2007 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
07/26/2007 Ft. Wayne, IN Pierre's
07/27/2007 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
07/28/2007 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
07/29/2007 Detroit, MI Clutch Cargo's
07/31/2007 Covington, KY The Madison Theatre
08/01/2007 Louisville, KY Coyotes
08/02/2007 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room
08/03/2007 Washington, MO Washington Town & Country Fair
08/04/2007 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre
08/06/2007 Wichita, KS Cotillion
08/07/2007 Dallas, TX House of Blues
08/08/2007 Tulsa, OK Drillers Stadium
08/10/2007 Council Bluffs, IA Stir Cove at Harrah's Casino
08/11/2007 Des Moines, IA Principal Park
08/12/2007 Fargo, ND The Venue @ Playmakers

5/22/07 - My Vegas Show Review

On Saturday, I waddled into the Joint at the Hard Rock to get my 3eb on.  Over 7 mos. pregnant, I had a lot of people looking at me cross-eyed like I took a wrong turn into the venue from Babies R' Us.  Picture me, big as a house, walking into a standing room only show.  A bald security guard named Wade asked me if I was pregnant.  Sarcastically, I replied, "no, I'm just naturally this fat."  I think I made him feel weird.  He offered to SEAT me in the disabled section after I confessed that I was indeed very pregnant.  I was like YEAH-YEAH to the YEAH-YEAH!  So he escorted me and my entourage to the riser in the middle of the theatre and promptly pulled out a chair for me to sit 4 ft. above the floor and my group to stand behind me.  Needless to say, Princess Jen took full advantage of this opportunity to 1. sit and 2. use the height advantage to grab some great pics.

To say the show was great would be an understatement.  Sure, Tony had some guitar probs, and Stephan's vocals were slightly affected by the desert air, but it was really a great show.  (Hey Stephan, this is why Celine Dion has a "no air conditioning" clause in her contract at Caesars, it's like 90 degrees in there and humid like the dirrrty south.)  My favorite part is about midway through the show when they bring out the sofas and do a few songs acoustically.  It really brings back great memories of the Bonfire Tour circa 1998.  (Jeez, I've been around a long time.)  Stephan surprised me with his bongo playing skills.  I'm sure there's a more fancy name for this drum he uses and I'm sure he would not hesitate to correct me, but I can only describe it as a bongo.  The man has rhythm!  It was a joy to hear Can't Get Away from You.  I don't think I have heard that live in at least a few years, it's such a great summer song.  My unborn daughter really got a kick (pardon the pun) out of Brad's drum solo. My innards were nearly shredded from the kicks and punches!  I do believe this is the first 3eb show I've ever walked out of to visit the ladies room!  But I digress...

After the show, we went "backstage" to visit.  Tony's entire family tree appeared to be present, it was very crowded.  I managed to snag a minute with Stephan.  He first asked if I heard his shout out to me before How's It Going to Be.  He dedicated the song to "darling Jen."  I told him I didn't know it was for ME, there is a lot of Jen's out there.  Besides, I thought I was Princess Jen.  (just kidding)  The only "news" I got out of him was that he was full of joy this tour and it was all directly linked to having Leo, the new bassist, on board.  

Stephan, may I remind you that you have a bet to settle with the people.  You said the new record would be out before my baby is due.  Well, you've got till August 7 so you better hurry!

Here are pics from the show, enjoy:

DSC02765.JPG (242384 bytes)DSC02766.JPG (177133 bytes)DSC02767.JPG (198516 bytes)

DSC02768.JPG (196424 bytes)DSC02769.JPG (162812 bytes)DSC02770.JPG (227016 bytes)

DSC02771.JPG (216402 bytes)DSC02772.JPG (229592 bytes)

Also, Gavin sent me this link to a video he made with Stephan this past weekend and clips from the Vegas show so CHECK IT OUT because it is superb!

5/5/07 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Drink a Corona for me, I'm 7 mos. pregnant!  Anyhoo, I updated the tour dates to the right  --->.  


Stephan and Tony went on Alice radio in SF this morning to announce the 10 year anniv. shows.  They played a new song called "Don't Like Me Now" (<-- click to download) that Adam/TVCY has posted online.  Here are pics:


Stephan will be on Alice 97.3 in SF tomorrow WEDNESDAY Feb. 7 on the morning show at 9am.  Go to radioalice.com and in the top left corner there is a button that says LISTEN LIVE.  Listen from anywhere in the world.

OK people, here is the SF show ticket pre-sale info you've all been waiting for!

link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/promo/v9tyk7 
password: buddha 

please note that the link don’t go live 'til 5pm (pacific time) today so, ummm, ya got's about 4.5 hrs of chillin' time still...perhaps you can use that time wisely....ie - get an account with tickemaster set-up (if you don’t already have one)....get your credit card handy...stretch those hammies...do some mouse clicking exercises...etc etc etc....


Hoping to have pre-sale ticket info for the SF shows for you today or early tomorrow.  Here are some other upcoming shows.

04/24 - Nokia Theatre, Times Square, N.Y.
04/25 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
04/27 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, N.J.

1/16/07 - No ticket info yet, stay tuned

For the 10th anniversary of the release of Third Eye Blind's 1st album the band will be playing at the Fillmore on March 13th & 14th (tickets will be sold for March 13th first and March 14th when the 13th sells out). These shows will be filmed for broadcast on HDNet as well as normal broadcast and release on DVD. 3EB wants to invite it's hardcore fans to these shows as they will be special events with set-lists containing songs not played in years and new tracks as well as 3EB favorites. 

Nothing is confirmed as yet, but 3EB is looking into making arrangements for a fan event at a hotel where fans can stay for these shows. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available on ticket sales and special events. 

If there was ever a time to make the trek across country to see the band in action, this is the time...so make your plans now!


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here is some 3eb news for you.

The band will be playing the Fiesta Bowl kickoff party (vanessa carlton is also playing) on New Years Eve.  It's going to be on TV in the US on Fox.  Check your local listings.  I'm going to try and make it since it's in Tempe, AZ.  If I do you'll get the full report!

Next, 3eb fan Sal wants you all to read this article:

"I get "Alternative Press" magazine because I'm into a lot of modern punk minus the emo bands and such, and apparently Panic at the Disco's guitarist is a big fan of third eye blind, and they have a 2 or 3 page interview with the guitarist of Panic at the disco talking to Stephan Jenkins about writing music, his band, and the 4th record. He (SJ) talks a lot about the 4th record, and unlike his other interviews, he gives a lot of information on him writing it, how he does it, what state he's at with the band and how optimistic he is about his future doings. There are a few pictures of full page pictures of Stephan which is also pretty cool. The interview is in the November issue of "Alternative Press" magazine (it has a picture of "My Chemical Romance" on the front of it.) I really suggest you or any 3eb fan to read it."  Here is the article in 3 sections:

Also, this is way off but 3eb fan Suzanne wants everyone to know that Stephan will be a guest speaker again at the Kauai Music Festival in August 2007.  On a personal note, I went to Kauai on my honeymoon in 2004 and it is absolutely the most beautiful place on earth.  If you haven't gone let me assure you it is hands down the best Hawaiian Island and you must go.


Howdy!  Third Eye Blind played a private concert for Argent Mortgage on 11/14/06 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.  Below are the only 2 pics I managed to snap.  Stephan says he is making slow but sure progress on finishing lyrics for album #4.  He's also contemplating a tattoo of Sister Wendy, the "art nun" for his shoulder.  (he was kidding, but that's his fave show.)  Maybe she'll crack a whip and get him workin'!  ;)  The show was excellent.  Slow Motion was replaced with Monotov's Private Opera, a song sure to be on the next record, along with Camp Fire aka "Tony's Song." 

Watch Jr. Fredianelli rock out with the band to NLYG:

I'll post pics and notes from some shows in October very soon.  Stay posted, SJ.com is comin' back jack! 


Howdy! Long time no talk! So, I had a sales trip to NYC planned next week for Monday - Thursday to fly back Thursday afternoon. 3eb goes and books some east coast dates. What's a girl to do? The lovely folks at Southwest airlines let me change my flight at no extra charge and now I get to go to the shows in Wantagh and Durham. The shows are listed on the tour section at 3eb.com. Hope to see yall there! PS: My New Year's resolution: bring back sj.com.


Are you on MySpace?  I'm really getting into it, kinda late in the game...looking for some 3eb friends.  Blondijen. 


Happy New Year!  A couple of updates...  Stephan emailed a couple weeks ago to say that the band is going to rerecord the new album they are currently working on and record it as a band like they did with the first record.  That means they will go in as a group instead of individually going in and recording their own parts.  Sounds good to me!  I love the holistic approach if it means another gem like the self titled!

Second, Mildred has updated her 3eb Band Biography for 2006.  Thanks Mil!

Also, an email from the publisher of Tails of Devotion:

Dear Jen

We communicated many many months ago about a book I am doing about people and their pets - Tails of Devotion.

I wanted to let you know that Stephan is in it and his pages are great! The book will be available for purchase in March (March 10) through the following channels for sure with more to come:

Bookstores in the Bay Area: Books, Inc. and Cody's

On line: through our website, www.tailsofdevotion.com or Amazon

Thank you so much for your early interest in the book. I wanted to remind you that 100% of the proceeds are going to animal welfare nonprofits - I am not recouping a dime.

Best - Emily


What kind of sexual are you?  Check out this San Francisco Chronicle article featuring Stephan Jenkins as an "ubersexual."  They even mention SJ.com, how cool is that?

9/27/05 Happy Birthday Stephan! 

Your fans donated $1795 in your honor to the Red Cross. 

Stephan Jenkins Birthday 9/27 - Honorary Donations to Red Cross to Benefit Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Stephan's birthday is right around the corner and this year to celebrate we are asking that honorary donations be made to the Red Cross to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

Each donation made to the RED CROSS in honor of Stephan/3eb will be personally reviewed by the band.  We will also be posting the running total of donations made in his honor.  Please see directions below.

Here is a link to the RED CROSS donation page on the Red Cross site.  (or you can go to www.redcross.org and click DONATION).  Fill out all information, and check the box that says "I want to make an Honor or Memorial donation. (Gift cards will be sent to you and your designee. Make sure you provide Contact information below to receive your acknowledgement gift card. Suggested min. $25.00.)"  This is a suggested minimum, donate $1 if it's all you can spare!

On page 2 of the donation site, it will ask who this is in honor of - Birthday Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind.  You will then be asked to input his address so that he is sent a card letting him know that you donated in his honor.  Here is his address:

Stephan Jenkins
EGM, Inc.
1040 Mariposa St. Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94107

Please email me and let me know how much you contributed so I can add it to our total! Don't forget, your donations are tax deductible, please donate today!

Thank you and best regards,
Jen Grant, webmaster and Alabama native


What Stephan is listening to on Rhapsody.

Stephan Jenkins Favorites

"Hall Of Mirrors" - The Distillers

"Strange Powers" - The Magnetic Fields

"Us" - Regina Spektor

"Could Well Be In" - The Streets

"Banquet" - Bloc Party

"Anyone Who Had A Heart" - Burt Bacharach

"Who's To Say" - Vanessa Carlton

"In The Fade" - Queens Of The Stone Age

"Hung My Head" - Johnny Cash

"Antidote" - The Hives

"King Of The Rodeo" - Kings Of Leon

"How Near, How Far" - And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

"Country Boyz" - Nappy Roots

Play Now

(Click to listen)

How To Play This Music

To play this music, simply click on the playlist icon or name to the left. 
Don't have Rhapsody?
No problem.
Once you click, just follow the instructions to get the player and try Rhapsody for FREE.
One million songs at your fingertips.
Play and share the music you want. Instantly.

Get it now!


Well, whadda ya know!  Two updates in the same week people!  And good news, too!

Upcoming tour dates:

9/29 House of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ
10/1 Mulcahy's Rock & Roll Bar - Wantagh, NY
10/2 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ


Stephan recently sold his digs in Pacific Heights, upscale neighborhood in San Francisco.  Lucky for YOU her got some press before the sold sign went up and now you can see how to live a Fully Charmed Kinda Life.  7x7 Magazine article here.


Tonight I broke out the newest issue of In Style.  Found a 3-4 page spread on Miss Vanessa and her loft in NYC. Talks about Stephan some and how he inspired her decorating.  Kinda neat to see how she lives.  You may want to check it out.


I don't ask for much, but I am calling in my favors now.  Please click this link and help me win some free concert tickets to Vegoose!

What is Vegoose?  Only the coolest concert event to ever come to Las Vegas!


Happy Birthday Arion!


After 7.5 years on the same server technology, SJ.com is finally getting upgraded to something a little more fresh!  In server years, which is like dog years, this means we've been operating the same way for 50 friggin years!

The site might be up and down slightly over the next 72 hours as everything gets moved over, so bear with me people.  We'll be back and hopefully I will get a lot less spam with this update! 

In 3eb news, I corresponded with Stephan a couple weeks ago while he was in Spain on vacation.  When he gets back and settled, he plans to share his vacation pictures with all of us faithfuls and possibly do a telephone interview.  He says for everyone to please be patient with him as he conjures up some hot lyrics for the next record.  Says Stephan, "I can't fake it."  And we sure wouldn't want that now, would we?

"i know we have taken a long time, but i can't fake it and i want to make an album where the centerlight pops and everyone says ah."


Bid on Stephan's top hat and the $$ goes to charity!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Yay Corona!

I want to encourage everyone to check out Courtney Jaye.  I heard a song by this chickie a few days ago on Sirius and been hooked ever since.  Very summery music.  Let me know if you share my opinion!


Check out: http://www.vanessacarlton.info for some SJ and Nessa pics and news.

For those of you that haven't heard, third eye blind will be taking a break from the studio to play 4 shows over the next few weeks. 

here are the where's and when's:

april 23rd saturday
delta center: salt lake city, utah
doors @ 6pm
3eb @ 8pm
$20 general admission
tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.com/

may 6th friday
caesar's palace: atlantic city, nj
doors @ 8pm
3eb @ 9pm
$30 general admission
tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.com/

may 7th saturday
towson college: towson, maryland
doors @ 11:30am
show @ 12:00pm (Vertical Horizon, Pat McGee Band, Lloyd Dobler Effect and Badfish are also performing)
3eb @ 5pm
free show for students and guests

may 8th sunday
rams head live: baltimore, md
doors @ 7 p.m.
honestly @ 8 p.m. http://www.honestlyband.com/
3eb @ 9 p.m.
$35 in advance, $37 day of show
*this show is now 18+ *
tickets: http://ticketing.ramsheadlive.com/


Well howdy there strangers! 

Looks like 3eb is slowly going to add tour dates and do a tour!

Date City, State Venue Buy Tickets
Sun-05/08/05 Baltimore, MD , USA Rams Head   Buy Tickets
Sat-04/23/05 Salt Lake City, UT , USA Delta Center   Buy Tickets

Other random tidbits:

Stephan will be punking Vanessa on MTV Punk'd on April 17.  Fire up the TiVo!

Also, there's some sort of 3eb tribute CD going on... bands are going to cover 3eb songs. 

That's all I know.  If you hear anything else and would like to see it posted please email me.


Happy New Year!


Happy Birthday To Us!  SJ.com turns 6 years old on 11/24.  Damn, that's a long time!  I've opened the guestbook back up for folks reminisce about the old days...

Pics from Oakland show:


Make sure to record the Tonight Show with Jay leno on NBC tomorrow (Tuesday).  Stephan and Arion will be playing as Vanessa's back up band during her performance of "White Houses" at the end of the show.

I went to the show in Oakland over the weekend.  I got a few pictures, which i will post later this week.  The show was great!  The crowd was weird!  I saw sooo many girls with armpit hair, it was very not Vegas.  heh  As SJ said at the beginning of the show, "Welcome to the United States of Northern California."  Quite literally, it was a tree hugger event.  It was all good though, 3eb hometown show you can't beat it!  I was pleasantly surprised to see the show turn out so well knowing that they hadn't played in forever.

I got a chance to talk to SJ after the show and he said that the band is diligently working on the next album.  It's going to "be like the first 2 Police albums and the traditional 3eb kind of tunes will be on the second disk if at all."  Kids, go get the Police records - I must do the same to get an idea what to expect.  heh 

I'm also happy to report that SJ is alive and kicking after a rumble with a toothless crack head before the show.  Apparently, SJ witnessed a guy being attacked by a crack addict that was high and so he jumped in to save the day.  He said his kick boxing classes finally paid off and basically gave the guy a beat down until cops arrived.  No, it wasn't a celebrity guest appearance on Bum Fights.  heh

Stephan gave me and my new hubby a ride back to our hotel after the show and I got to hear a rough demo of a song - just SJ and a git-tar.  I don't have a title, but the chorus sang about not running with cowards.  It sounded like an anthem for being your own person and not a clone of anyone else.  I liked it.  Not sure if it will be a 3eb song, a sold SJ song or what - SJ wasn't sure either. 

As you can well imagine, I was pretty well in la-la land after that, in complete disbelief of the night, so I didn't really think to get more scoop for you all.  I will let you know more as I hear things....

Take care!  Happy Turkey Day next week!


I bought halo 2, shrek 2 and vanessa 2 today. It was a day of sequels.  I'm off to SF this weekend to see 3eb play the Oakland benefit.  I hope that it is a decently long set.  I'll report back next week...with pics!

Since I had to close my guestbn ook cos of porn/cialis/viagra/phenphen spam, I thought it'd be cool to share some of the cooler emails I get that I am asked to pass on to Mr. Jenkins.  Here ya go:

Hey Jen,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your loyalty to 3eb. I have been a die hard fan of 3eb and yours (site) since 1998. I have a son who is 3 years old now and you wouldn't believe how much he loves 3eb. (His favorite song is ten days late.) Good thing he doesn't understand the lyrics! My wife and I are expecting a little girl in about 2 weeks, so we are very excited about that. If you talk to Stephan, just let him know that his legacy will live on forever through me and my children, because we are third eye blind fans for life.

Thanks for listening, Aaron Hallmark.


Vanessa Carlton's new record comes out 11/09.  You should buy it because SJ co-wrote it, produced it and it's gonna rock anyway so check it out.

On a personal note, thanks to everyone for all the wedding well wishes!  I really do appreciate it.  And yes, I will share a few wedding pics since so many have asked...he's cute, huh?  ;)


I don't know about yall, but I am so darn excited about this hometown show that's coming up.  I just booked a flight and hotel to go see this show (with hubby of course) and I hope to see lots of my old 3eb friends there!  If you are going please drop me a line.  :) Here are details:

Come out and see Third Eye Blind's first bay-area show in eons...Details below:
3EB, The Roots, the Coup, Michelle Shocked, Mickey Hart
Co-hosted by Aya de Leon and Julia Butterfly Hill

Where/When: Saturday Nov. 13th
Henry J Kaiser Arena
10 Tenth st., Oakland (1 block from Lake Merritt Bart Station)
Doors at 6, music stars at 7pm

Tickets: $22 in advance; $30 at the door.
www.wetheplanet.org will take you to the ticket website. (FYI: about 1000 tickets to low income people living in Oakland, too)

Info on the We the Planet:

We the Planet: Consciousness is Cool.

Third Eye Blind will be one of the featured bands at Circle of Life & Julia Butterfly Hill's 2004 We the Planet Festival, Saturday, November 13 at the Henry J Kaiser Center in Oakland. Other confirmed acts include The Roots, The Coup, Michelle Shocked & Mickey Hart. Tickets & Info at www.wetheplanet.org.

We the Planet was started by Julia Butterfly Hill, the woman who spent 2 years living in a redwood tree in order to save it. She and her nonprofit, Circle of Life, have since gone on to create a super eco-friendly music festival that brings together leading activist rabble-rousers, great musicians, and awesome art. Also, the whole show is done without creating any trash and completely off the power grid.

Your ticket also buys you free admission to We the Planet's daytime event:
If you are thinking the world is pretty messed up and you want to do something about it-- this is your kind of event. It is your chance to interact in person with top activist leaders on topics like: Civil Disobedience, Independent Media, Beyond Voting and Music, Art & Activism. Pushing the Boundaries starts at 2pm at Laney College across the street from the Kaiser Arena.

More information about the concert, the daytime events, and tickets are at


Also, here is info on SJ's solo show in hell a:


This fall, Vanity Fair will host the third annual
VANITY FAIR IN CONCERT taking place in New York and Los Angeles, where some of music's biggest stars will take the stage

Billy Morrison of The Cult/Doheny, Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses, Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donovan Leitch, and Chris Chaney of Jane's Addiction




VIP Table Packages Available

Tables include champagne and VIP Party

Los Angeles
Table for 4 - $500
Table for 6 - $750
Table for 8 - $1,000
Table for 12 - $1,500
Tickets go on sale to the public in New York on September 29th and
in Los Angeles on September 30th at http://www.ticketmaster.com <http://www.ticketmaster.com>

For exclusive VIP packages and after-party tickets, call 323-960-8951 Sponsor and VIP Packages available in New York and Los Angeles

Contact: JRubin@suwn.org


Hi everyone!  I'm back from my honeymoon and thought you'd appreciate some updates:

1.  Head over to www.3eb.co.uk for some exciting 3eb news and downloads....

2.  Check out this awesome painted beer bottle that Stephan painted...you can bid for it on eBay and all proceeds go to charity.  Hurry, bidding ends on Oct. 17 (coincidentally, that's my bday!)

3.  Stephan will be performing solo in LA on 10/23 for a benefit concert.  Read about the show and how to get tix here.

4.  For those of you interested…… A segment on Work to Ride (Stephan's pet project) will air on the Early Show, CBS on Thursday October 14th at approximately 8:30 am EST.

As I begin my new role in life as a wife, I need YOUR help keeping up to speed with 3eb things.  Please email me any pertinent updates that are missing from sj.com and I will get it posted ASAP.  SJ.com is turning 6 years old next month and I promise to keep things rockin' here as long as it stays fun.  Thanks for your help!


Happy Labor Day.  No 3eb update because there's nothing to update.  However, you can check out Vanessa Carlton's new song White Houses because 1.  it rules and 2. stephan co-wrote it and produced it and did something else and something else too.  i really love it and you might, too.  the lyrics definitely have a hint of sj to them.  the video is hot too.  girl can dance, who woulda thunk it?

stephan's bday is just around the corner.  we're not doing a major fundraiser this year because i am getting married on 9/25 and honestly i just don't have enough time to coordinate it.  if you can't understand that then i'm very sorry.  i don't have any help with this site, it's just me.  however, i am 900% positive that stephan would appreciate a donation made in his honor to the Work to Ride Foundation  - see the info at the top of the site.

last i checked there weren't any other fan sites updating either so i don't really know what to tell you guys except hang in there and hopefully 3eb will find a new home and we can get some more music out of them one day.

 Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

"Music is the only thing in this world, with the exception of sneezing and looking at the sunset, that takes you to a place that's above the mundane. Everything else is just bullshit." - Stephan Jenkins

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Stephan Adopts "Beuda"

Beuda and Mecca in action

Meet "Beuda", Stephan's newly adopted horse!  Beuda is one of many stars at Work To Ride, a non-profit polo program for at-risk youth in Philadelphia. 

Stephan first learned of WTR on an HBO special and has since adopted Beuda.  Stephan is asking everyone to check out Work To Ride's website and make a donation in his and Beuda's honor to keep the program growing.

Work To Ride
98 Chamounix Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Ph:  (215) 877-4419




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