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Easy Rider (Christmas Reincarnated)

I'll have to do it 'gain,
Have to do it again..

Ha, ha.. whoa, la la la..

OK, here comes the verse

Easy Rider, he got, brand new cowboy hat and
He was reincarnated
Easy Rider
He's got lots of toys and he became a cowboy to get cowgirls

Yeah, yo

Easy rider has been reincarnated and now he has said to Santa Clause
Happy times are here and all the animals who help him no longer have claws
On their paws, on their paws, on their paws, paws, paws, paws, on..


Easy rider and (now he don't want no) helpless has to say
That every animal good time
No longer will I be so unhappy when it turns into O happy Christmas times

Merry Xmas everybody, I don't hate Christmas anymore, I don't hate it anymore.

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Tony Fredianelli
Brad Hargreaves
Stephan Jenkins
Arion Salazar

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