3eb at Mandalay Bay Events Center
Las Vegas, NV
by Jen

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The Las Vegas show ruled. As always, 3eb was at their BEST in Las Vegas. Always can count on it to be
a good show.

On the day of the show, September 10, Carl and I flew on National Airlines from SFO airport.  We arrived
at the Vegas airport and saw a sign at the baggage claim promoting the show, which I of course took
a picture of!

We got into Vegas around 3:30 and headed over to the Luxor to check in to our room. Vegas was completely dead.
We got a sweet ass suite inside the pyramid and the excitement started to really kick in.... well, at least
for me it did. See, Carl and I were in a car wreck a few weeks prior to the show and both diagnosed with
whiplash. Since Carl didn't have a doctor we just went to my doctor. She hooked us up with some good
ass pain pills. One pill knocked me flat on my ass the first time I took one. Well, Carl took THREE of them
as we boarded the plane. Long story short, he was fuckin toasted. :)

After I got ready real quick, we called my buddy Katie who lives in Vegas (and a super 3eb fan) and told
her to meet us at the ticket counter at the events center. Carl and I then went down to the Japanese
restaurant in the Luxor called Hamada of Japan, which is my fave restaurant in Vegas. We grubbed on
chicken teriyaki and then hopped on the tram to Mandalay Bay, the next casino over where the show
was to be held.

While we were waiting on Katie, we decided to do what every person does when they come to Vegas -
feed the slot machines. Carl actually won $10! I didn't win shit. Finally, Katie arrived and Carl and I
picked up our tickets/passes from will call.

When we got inside the Events Center, I was completely in shock at how fuckin AWESOME our seats
were. We were so close you could see nose hairs!

3eb finally came on and like I said, it was a KILLER show. The audience sucked like a whore doing
overtime though. Stephan practically cursed them out! "GET THE FUCK UP OUT OF THOSE SEATS!
NOBODY SITS DOWN AT THIRD EYE BLIND SHOWS!" he screamed. Damn skraight.

After they played "Never Let You Go" and Stephan was in the back of the center out with "his peoples" in
the cheap seats, he announced that he had to return to the stage. I cracked up after he exclaimed, "I
loves ya but I gots ta GO!" and ran back to the stage. I managed to get a picture of him flying past me
on his way back to the stage:

The set list was:

An Old Friend Coming Over
Palm Reader
Crystal Baller
Forget Myself
Sweet Jane/Never Let You Go
How's It Going To Be
Motorcycle Drive By
Semi-Charmed Life/Stairway To Heaven

After the show, people with backstage passes were herded into a waiting area. Shortly thereafter we
were lead into the band's dressing room. It was a tight fit but there was beer so it was all good.
Backstage there were 2 groups of people - me & Carl and Tony's entire family. That was it! Tony has a
son that is too cute for words and a gorgeous wife. Everyone was really nice.

Stephan came and sat down next to me on a bench against the wall. Carl got to meet Stephan and then
we just gossiped for a while. Tony's son, Joseph, brought a bottled Coke over to Stephan and asked him
to open it for him. Stephan called big daddy over and asked him if it was ok for his son to have a Coke.
Nope, it wasn't, and Tony proceeded to explain to his son how Coke is liquid crack and it was past him
bedtime. Rock star kids are not as spoiled as one may think! Joseph promptly cried and ran to ask
Mommy. Too cute.

Anyhoo, Stephan told us that Arion had "stabbed" him with his bass that night and he thought his ribs
were broken. Some girls came up and practically genuflected to Stephan. They filled him with
compliments and then one asked if he does Pilates. He said, "No, but I sometimes do Yoga. I have an old
neck and knee injury." and I said, "and now a rib injury...." har har har

He talked about how the crowd sucked and he thought it was funny that I said "Yeah, it's like they
thought they had bought tickets to Siegfried and fuckin Roy!" hehe I kill me. ;) Stephan admitted that
MTV Cribs had been to his home in Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco to tape for the
upcoming season, but he wasn't sure when it'd actually air.

Not too long after, Stephan decided to go hang out with his girlfriend and so we bid farewell to Brad and
Tony (Arion never came out - I'll tell you why in my Concord review) and headed back over to the Luxor.
We were going to go out with Katie but we couldn't get in touch with her and Carl was still Mr.
Sleepyhead from the drugs so we just straight up crashed.

The next morning, I was able to face my biggest fear - flying on September 11. Everything went fine and
I was very happy. I spent the remainder of 9/11 remembering the year prior and reflecting.


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