City:  Auburn, AL
Date:  10/30/98

Ahhh! Where do I even begin? Friday night was such a great night. My Auburn experience was a whole day of waiting and ended up with my feet smashed to hell and one massive thirst for liquid! Lemme get started (already).

Ok, so I drive from Knoxville, Tennessee (from my crib) to my Dad's in Anniston, Alabama and spend the night. But not really 'cause I can't sleep I'm so excited. The next morning, get up get dressed and out the door for a 2 hour drive to Montgomery, Alabama to meet with one of the radio stations I do business with (WBAM Star 98.9). Get to Montgomery (like 45 minutes from Auburn) and I am starving (this is my hometown, so I know it well) and so I go eat at San Marcos, my SO FAVE Mexican dive. Then it's off to the station to meet with Trish (program director that hooked me up with my passes) and Angela (sales rep that I deal with daily). If you all didn't know, I place broadcast advertising for Goody's Family Clothing for the entire southeast. Ok, so I tour the station and Trish gives me a stack of CD's to keep as tall as a small building and I am off to Auburn.

About 45 minutes later we're in Auburn traffic and after awhile we finally make it to the coliseum. The parking lot is packed. If you guys aren't familiar with Alabama, there are some MAJOR football fans at Auburn. They bring their RV's and camp out before the big game and it just so happens they park at the coliseum. Ok, so I am familiar with this parking lot (parked here several times in my life) so I head to the back of the lot to find a spot. Keep in mind this is at 2 in the afternoon and already no parking! As I'm driving I notice 3 huge tour buses. One is blue, the next is red with some rainbow stripes on it (know who's?) and the third is blue with different colors like blended. I knew I was in the right place. So about five spaces down from the tour buses I park my lil' Celica. Jon and I spent the afternoon watching some roadie puke is innards out on the side of the road and walking around the coliseum as the set up crew put up the stage.

Later that afternoon, Jon and I decided to go hang with these two old men that were camping out for the Auburn football game the next day. They were so cool, telling us who had been hanging around the venue all day and how he had talked with Eve 6. What a rad old man! Turns out his camper was parked right next to Eve 6's and he'd been watching them go in and out all day. A parking space right across from Eve 6's bus opened up shortly there after, so I moved my car to be closer. hehe.

Skip to about 5pm. Jon and I went inside the coliseum yet again to go pee and have a looksee to see how far the setup had come along. As we were leaving, a woman is knocking on the glass entrance that is locked and motioned for me to come and let her in, so I did. She was wearing the blue tour shirt and around her neck was this tasty laminate! I had to know who she was, so as she said thanks and was walking off I asked her what her name was and she said "Debbie".

I handed her one of these cheesy-ass cards with all of my site info on it and she saw my name on it and said "Oh, your the Jennifer that Casey talks about." I said, "oh you know Casey, too?" and she said yes, and that she was Melissa's mother. For those of you who don't know Melissa, she is the babealicious chica that belly danced at several shows over the summer on stage with 3eb.

Anyhoo, so we start talking and she told me that Casey had told her I would be at the show and to look for me. Well, we found each other. I told her we were going back to the car, but we would hook up later and I told her where I was parked, right out behind backstage.

Jon and I go back to the car and find out that the show has sold out and that the gates would open at 7pm. That was kewl 'cause we had to meet the Elektra record rep at the side of the stage at 7:15pm for meet and greet. By the way, Thank You John McFadden for the Meet and Greet passes. What a great guy. He was so nice to us. I can't tell you how many record reps I have dealt with in my life that were total jerks. They were all for different labels, so maybe that was why. Who knows, but John was a great guy. Ok, back to my story.

So Jon and I get all dolled up and head to the doors leading to backstage where we find Melissa, her mom Debbie and some local chicks hanging out talking to Eve 6. I walk up and Debbie tells Melissa who I am and we all just start talking like we're old friends. 3eb fans are kewl like that. ;0)

So we stay and chat with them for awhile and then one of 3eb's setup crew men came over and hopped in a group pic we were taking, his name was Steve.

What a nice guy! I had thought that all set up crews were terds before this night, but Steve was most awesome! He was really nice and I gave him one of my cheesy cards too and told him to check out my site. He said he would. So then Debbie and Melissa had to go inside through the back to get to the seats because they had a laminate and not tickets and this show was assigned seating. So we said good bye to them and headed back to hang with the old men until seven. About 20 minutes later, this huge solid black tour bus pulled up and I saw Kevin chilling at the front of the bus that was lighted on the inside and it was now dark outside and you could see straight in with out even trying to look. He didn't have a shirt on. Jon started getting all excited so we got our stuff and left the car for the night and walked past the bus to the curb and sat there for a bit hoping to get a glance. We were kinda far away because we didn't want to look like fiends, so it was hard to make out who was getting off the bus. So we left and went to the front entrance to go inside the venue.

The Auburn usher people were the kewlest I have ever experienced in my life. They let us in and didn't search for cameras or any shit like that. Totally kewl. I immediately walked to the tour gear area and loaded up. I bought the black t-shirt that looks like an eye test, the sticker pack, a Bonfire Tour sticker and a tour book. Btw, the tour books are $15 for those of you who are sending me the money to pick you up one. :) I got my gear and we headed for the floor where we had 2nd row seats. I knew we would never sit in those seats... hehe When we get there I am surprised to see Melissa and Debbie hanging out so we chat with them until 7:15pm when we are supposed to meet up with the record rep for meet and greet.

So at 7:15 we go to the right of the stage with others who are going backstage and wait for the record rep. He comes out shortly and gives us our passes to stick on and goes over the rules for tonight's meet and greet.

First words out of his mouth was "no cameras". Shit. I wanted to snap it up. But then he gave some good news and said he had brought his own camera and would take pictures of us by groups according to which radio station they got their passes from. Our groups was the smallest, it was just a few of us from Star 98.9.

After a wait of about 15 minutes we head backstage. There we all lined up against the wall like we were waiting for a firing squad. They did this so the guys could move down the line and sign one thing for each person. So we begin our wait. I would say it was another 15 minutes before the first guy came out. Surprise, surprise, it was Stephan.

Talk about someone who just brightens a room immediately when he walks in, that's Stephan. He was wearing this kewl warm up suit that was electric blue. And for the first time I was looking at him with no sunglasses covering his face. I about just melted, but no one knew it but me. I conducted myself very well, thank you very much. I don't think it much matters that I was carrying ropes in my purse to "tie him to the bedpost". hahahaha. Just kidding, you guys. I was just excited to see him since it had been 2 months to the day. He started at the beginning of the line and worked his way toward us. There were about 20 of us fans backstage.

We took a group picture with Stephan. When he got to me I almost froze up, but as usual I open up my big trap and word start flying out. As he was signing my tour book, Stephan said "Did you pay for this?" I said "yes" and he was like "that is great, this is a really good buy, you got a great deal." I was like, I know, the pictures in it are incredible. I then told him "Casey send his regrets." He said "Casey? Regrets?", I said "yeah, he was supposed to come with me tonight, but he couldn't make it." He looked kinda sad, actually. I didn't waste any time, I handed him this huge manila folder and told him about the mailing list that I run and that we had 170 members so far and this was the mail from my list and my pal Jon's (different Jon then the one with me). With the folder I handed him one of my cheesy cards and he looked at it and said, "Jennifer, it is so good to meet you" and he stuck out his hand for me to shake it, so I did. He started flipping through the folder, glancing at this huge stack of e-mails and he kept mumbling "this is great, this is great" and then he looked me right in the eye and in the most sincere voice he said, "I really appreciate this. I am going to read every one of these. And I'm going to check out your website. I really appreciate this Jennifer" and I just stood there saying thank you like five hundred times. And he was gone. I think that's all he said, I have a hard time remembering every detail, if I remember more I will come back and update this.

Making his way down the line next was Brad. We took a group picture with Brad. He was wearing a tee-shirt and jeans, looking hot with those puppy dog eyes. When he got to me I handed him my tour book to be signed and he signed it with the best handwriting I've ever seen for a guy. Hell, it was better than mine, too! Immediately I flashed the cheesy card and put it in his hand. He looked at it and said "this card has an evil eye on it." The card has this eye in the middle of it, like cause my sites called "The Third Eye" and I wanted an eye on it. I started telling him about my website and mailing list and he seemed very impressed. He asked me what my name was and I told him. He said "I promise I'm gonna look at this, we get in the internet about every other day. I'll have to check it out, I have a laptop on the bus." I said, "yeah, I know." Well, that reminded me about Adrian's site, So I said, "oh, have you seen the site that's dedicated to you," and at first I miss pronounced his last name, I said it like har-greeves, and corrected myself mid-sentence and said har-graves. He smiled, guess lots screw that up. hehe He responded to my question saying, "yeah, I have and it's very flattering. It is so clean and well put together, that guy must spend alot of time working on it." Yeah, no shit. Right Adrian? So I said, "yeah, I just met Adrian, the guy who runs that site online, we are new friends, so I wanted to know if you had seen it." He said, "oh yeah, I've seen it a few times actually, it is very flattering." So that was the last of him, he moved down the line signing more people's crap.

Next out was Arion. He looked good to go, all decked out as usual. When he made his way around to me, he signed my tourbook and immediately again I began my whole schpill about the site and mailing list. He seemed really interested and took my cheesy card. He said "it is very nice to meet you" and I said "you, too, actually I've met you before, in Lexington last August." He said "oh yeah, that was like a festival thingy right?" I said, "yeah the Z-Fest or something like that, I got my company to put up money to sponsor the show." He was like "kewl". I said "I know you wouldn't remember me since you guys meet so many people every day." He said, "actually I do think I remember you, you came back to the dressing rooms." I was totally fucking shocked. I said "yeah THAT WAS me." If you guys haven't read my Lexington experience, when I went back to the dressing rooms, there were only a few other peeps back there. I can't to this moment believe he fucking remembered me! Hell yeah! So anyhoo, I played it kewl, though I was squealing inside. He was soo nice and down to earth, felt like I was talking to my bro or something. So I told him more about the site and that I had given Stephan a HUGE ass stack of mail and that he had alot waiting for him in the folder. He kept raising his eye brows in approval or something that was soo cool and then these other fans stole him from me and moved him down the line a bit, so I followed. So then I remembered my new pal Dana and her Arion site that fucking rox so I said "by the way, Dana told me to tell you hi" which she really didn't, but what the hell, I knew she wouldn't mind me using her as a conversation starter. :0) He said "tell her I said WHAT IS UP" and he had this smile on his face. He then asked, "Are you and Dana friends?" and I said, "well, actually, we just met, but she's really nice." and he said "yeah" and I said "she has this really cool website, you should check it out sometime" and he started laughing and said, "yeah, I'll have to do that" and he winked with both eyes, it's hard to explain. Then he said "Brad won't let me use his fucking computer!" and he was holding up his arms kind of shrugging and making this face. I knew he was probably serious, but kidding at the same time. He had to go so he was walking off and Kevin had just come in starting at the front of the line already. As security escorted Arion out he looked back at me one last time and kind of nodded. I smiled back at him. We took a group picture with Arion and Kevin and Kevin was making this funny ass pose. I will post the pic when I get it back.

Now, I've never really gotten to talk with Kevin. The past two times I met him alot of people were around and he was talking with them. This was my chance for his undivided attention for like a minute. He came up to me and I handed him my tour book to sign and he said "did you get this? did you pay for this?" talking about my tour book. I said yes, thinking he might think I stole it or something, I didn't know. He smiled and said "You are fucking special. Let me sign this." and he signed it. I am fucking special! woo hoo! I could tell he was ready to leave, and I was sad that he took out his braids, they were so cute. So real quick while he was signing another persons shit, I pushed my cheesy card in front of him. He said "what is this?" so I told him about the site and mailing list and he was like "wow". Then he said, "this eye on here is is really fucking creepy" I was like "you should see it on the computer, it looks up and down and around". He said, "that is really creepy, you need like a nice eye, this is creepy" and he was smiling the whole time so I knew he was kidding. So I was like, "well, it's Halloween, I'm trying to be festive" and he smiled and then was swallowed up by some of the others backstage. I could hear Eve 6 starting in the coliseum, so I knew it was 8pm. He then took a group pic with another bunch and accidentally hit this one girl like on the arm when he turned around and she starts getting all shitty making faces and commenting to her date, so Kevin walked over to her and was apologizing and she was like "what-ever!". I wanted to bitch slap her ass. GEEZ! What a bitch! Oh well. Then Kevin walked back by and promised he would look at the site and the fan mail. Shortly there after he was gone and we were all being escorted back out to the assigned seating. assigned my ass, I could tell we would have to push and shove to get to the second row.

So we tried to go through the moshers to get to our seats, but no luck, so on the floor we walked to like row P and crossed over to get to the right of the stage. So much for wanting to get to our seats, I could tell they had been taken. So we went and sat in the lower level seats until people came and claimed them. VERY pissed, I went to the group of ushers standing on the floor section and told them I waited in line for 6 hours to get 2nd row seats and I was pissed and they better give me my money or take me to my seat. He grabbed a flashlight and off we went to reclaim our seats. If you ever have this dilemma, do get the guys with uniforms. A quick thanks to the fine Auburn ushers. WE got to my seats and he told the people standing on them that they were my seats and get the fuck out! Well, he didn't exactly use those words, hehe. So now we had the good seats! So I started taking pix of Max and Eve 6. I was in front of Max's mike, so much pix of him.

Next was intermission for half an hour for 3eb to come on. So Jon and I hopped over the front row to try to get to the rail. This huge girl was next to me and her sweat was getting on me and ewww. I was grossed out, it was like 3000 degrees in the core of all these nasty peeps. I couldn't breathe, so I told Jon "you stay here if you want, I'm going back." It wasn't that much different of a view and you could actually see better from the seats because you stand on them and are taller than the rest. So Jon stayed up at the rail.

I was just hanging out with the peeps back at the seats and the chick in front of me were really kewl. We were talking about 3eb and all and then all the sudden Jon was back to stand on the seat. Guess he couldn't take it either.

The lights fade and music starts and some chick is dancing behind the curtain with a light showing her figure and shadow. I was thinking "what a massive ass this chick has". Then the techno music starts and the curtain disappears and my guys are there! It was sooo awesome. They broke into "Thanks Alot" and I was sooo happy I was seeing them again. Two month breaks between shows can cause serious withdrawals!

I can't really remember alot about the performance, except it kicked ass and Stephan and Kevin talked alot during the show. I have listed a song lineup and you'll see that they sang every freakin song! I hadn't heard this lineup since the Knoxville show. When 3eb does festivals that are like Lollapalooza, they have to cut their stage time short, which sux. I go *only* to see 3eb. I could give two shits for anyone else.

I remember when Stephan was talking about the last time they were in Alabama. He said "today, I got up about 5:30 this afternoon and we were walking around the campus and you know, Alabama has some fine southern asses!" The crowd was going crazy. Meanwhile, I and everyone standing in chairs were falling left, right, front and back from the damn moshers. If you mosh, I hate you. I hate those people. It is not fun and you do not look cool. Who has fun getting all banged up? So finally, the moshers are calmed down a bit, probably all being rushed to the hospital, then this chick decides she's gonna sit on her boyfriends shoulders and block my view. I let her stay up there for a while, but with her blocking my view of Kevin and Stephan I could only take so much, so I leaned forward and shoved the hell out of her back, knocking her off her man's shoulders. Let's just say she didn't get back up there. ;0)

Kevin later came out and was talking about the campus and he was wearing an Auburn tank top! The crowd went crazy of course.

After the show, my ass went straight to McDonald's to pee and I ordered 3 drinks I was so thirsty...O.J., water, and a chocolate milkshake! yum...

Well, that was my show experience. I have more but I am tired and I'm sure you are too. If I think of more, I will type it later.


1. Thanks Alot
2. Narcolepsy
3. Motor Cycle Drive By
4. Good For You
5. Horror Show
6. Jumper
7. Background
8. I Want You
9. Burning Man
10. Tattoo Of The Sun
11. Gorgeous
12. How's It Going To Be
13. London
14. Ice Cube Cover - A Good Day
15. Semi-Charmed Life
16. Graduate
17. U2 Cover - I Will Follow
18. God Of Wine