City:  Bloomington, IN
Date:  11/14/98

Friday night I could not sleep a bit. I was so excited to get to meet all my lil internet buddies that I could not close my eyes! So Saturday morning I get up and load the car and head to my office to print out my new lil business cards at 6:45am. Jon arrives and we leave Knoxville at 7:45am. The drive to Indianapolis totally sucks ass, but thank God it is all interstate. From Knoxville we drive to Lexington, KY then west to Louisville, KY and finally north to Indianapolis to pick up Bel and Ryan at Indianapolis International Airport. Bel and Ryan flew in from Los Angeles to join in on our lil 3eb excursion. They had been waiting for us at the airport since 6:30am and it was now 1pm. TROOPERS! So we get their crap loaded in the car and head back south for about 30 miles to Edinburgh, IN where we are shacking for the night.

Get all checked in and unloaded and we all hop in the shower. After out showers we headed to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant to get some home cooking but with such a large party it would be a half-hour wait so we decided to get to Bloomington and grab a bite there before the show.

So we are in the car on the way to Bloomington, which is a good 30 minutes away, all the Bloomington hotels were sold out for some lame football game. On the way there Bel and Ryan were telling me and Casey this oh-so-sick story about Corn. And not Korn the band, either. They have this friend who likes to call really hot girls "Corn" because that means they are so hot that he would eat the corn... ok nevermind it's too sick.

Fast forward to arriving in Bloomington and parking at this gym where 3eb is performing that night. There was already a huge line beginning outside the entrance and doors weren't going to open till 7:30pm and it was only like 5:30pm. So we are all hanging out and this girl comes up to me and asks if I am Jennifer. I was like yep that's me. She told me her name was Keeley - one of my list pals who couldn't stay with us but one we would meet up with at the venue. She had found us. She also had a very nice spot at the front of the line.

It is very chilly to me while we are waiting outside, and Ryan was wearing shorts like a big ol' tard, so Casey and I went to my car to get some cameras out that we were gonna sneak in and then we started to hunt a bathroom so we could pee, been holding it for soo long. So we go to the side of this gym and two guys were hanging by the entrance so we asked them where the bathrooms were and la dee dah took care of business. So after that we were wandering around the outside of the gym and came to the internal entrance into the gym where the stage was being set up and all that jazz. So we walk up and this chick rent a cop was at the doorway and she just let us right in! So we go in and try to blend in with the rest of the peeps and I was all worried about our pals outside getting worried that we had been stolen. So I made friends with the rent a cops and Casey went out to tell everyone that we were ok and that we were gonna stay inside so that we could save lots of room at the railing for everyone.

After a while, Casey spots Jenna by the stage. So we walk to the stage and there's Jenna, Keara and Janine. Jenna and I had been friends since around August cuz I used to send her copies of my pictures in the mail and she's make these cute homemade cards for me on her computer! So I was soo excited to finally meet them all. What babes they were, too. So we were all hanging out and Jenna disappears and returns handing out After Show passes to me, Keara and Janine before sticking one on herself. What a sweetie.

The rent a cops tell us all that we have to sit on the floor because they were fixing to open the doors. The doors fly open and it's like a mad dash to the front of the stage. Like 2 seconds later we are reunited with our crew. We sit Indian style on the floor of this gym for like what seems forever.

Finally, the head rented cop comes over and tells our group that in 5 minutes he's gonna et everyone get up. This is great relief to me cuz my clogs were making huge gashes in my legs and I was numb from the waist down. Well, whattaya know. The bastard lied and everyone hops up all the sudden and I am SMASHED against the railing. It was all the sudden two hundred degrees and I wished I was back outside freezing my tits off. So finally Eve 6 comes on and has a hell of a show. The big nerd standing next to me (coughjoncough) thought he was so cool singing at the top of his lungs but it killed the show for me. I can't stand when people think they know how to sing, it's wretched. And plus the other girl standing next to me had some stank ass hair that made me want to vomit when I caught whiff of the stench. I mean, Suave makes some 99 cent shampoo, is it that hard to scrub your shit? That mop smelled like a doorhandle or better yet a couch that's seen just a little too much ass and feet. Ok enough. Baby, if you're reading this, wash that thing - stinky!

After eve 6 finished playing there was a forever wait it seemed for 3eb to come on stage. So we are all stuck there mashed against each other and stinky people all around. FINALLY, 3eb came on and it was the same song line up I had seen weeks prior. Caroline had brought these kiddy Mickey mouse sunglasses for all of us to wear. We all put them on at the same time and since we covered the entire right side of the stage railing the were noticed instantly by Arion. So he like motions for us to throw some up there and alot of us did. He put hem on and continued to rock out, it was great. About that same time someone threw some condoms onstage and Arion unwrapped it and put it on the end of the mic stand, it was nast but funny.

When 3eb sits down for the acoustic set, Stephan sees us with the glasses again and motions for us to throw them up onstage to him, so alot of us did but Ryan's super-duper pimp masta throw was the only pair of glasses to reach to Stephan. So Stephan puts them on! It was too funny. He looked so cool. He wore them throughout the whole set!

Later in the show 3eb played "Acquiesce" a cover by Oasis ......(I am still working on this journal!)