About a month ago, I received an email from a girl named Robin informing me that she had won Grand Prize for a Beck's Beer contest. Her winning package included 3 days / 2 nights in San Francisco, round-trip airfare, and best, VIP tickets to 3eb's show at the Fillmore on 12-9. She told me that her boyfriend was going to make the trip with her but he was none too enthusiastic about seeing the band. Even though we had never met in person, she wanted to know if I would go to the show with her. I wrote her back and was like SURE! So, we made plans that I would show her around San Francisco the night before the show and then I would pick her up the night of the show to go. After spending a lot of money in San Francisco's shopping district, I think Robin may have regretted her choice to go out with me on Friday night because I drug her into EVERY single store then spent a LOT of time in dressing rooms. haha Seriously, we had a great time. Ok so fast forward to the night of the show. Robin and I got ready at my house and drove down to the Fillmore at 6pm. We arrived 15 minutes later and scored a killer parking spot right outside the entrance. There were only about 20 people and, much to my surprise, all over the age of 40. These were the prize winners, people. Robin and I met about 5 fans who recognized me from my website. A girl named Jill and a friend had flown in from New Hampshire (I think) who was really sweet. She didn't think they'd be able to get in because they weren't 21. Because there were so many contest winners, they split the pre-show meet and greet into 2 groups. Our group was going second, so we waited in the drizzle and cold until 7:15pm. At that time, one of the Beck's Beer representatives came out and guided us into the Fillmore and upstairs where the band was to meet with us.  Finally the band came out and we talked with each of the guys.  Here's some of the things Stephan and I talked about:

STEPHAN LOVES THE PANTS!  I'm referring to the pants that the FANS
bought him for his birthday through this site.  He told me that he really 
thinks they are cool but that he had to get them hemmed and then 
asked me if I could hem pants. 
*ahem* nope sorry - I can't even thread 
a needle.  Imagine MY surprise when he wore them during the San Francisco 
show on 12/9!!  Wanna see pictures?  
Here's before I mailed them and here's Stephan wearing them!  WOOHOO!
He even talked about them during the show - listen yourself in mp3 format!
Stephan says that he and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammit, both Bay Area natives,
are putting together an event to benefit the local Bay Area music 
scene.  Money raised will go towards a rehearsal spot for local bands 
who are suffering from the dot com shakes.  Don't worry, Stephan, once the 
stock market takes a shit the dot com buildings will empty and the bohemia
will once again rule the foggy streets of Frisco. 
Stephan thinks he's put on a few from his "love of pizza" so guess he has the same
New Years resolution as the masses - lose a few and tone thyself.  Here's a great gym, SJ!
Stephan's got some personal fans over yonder at Napster - seriously.  
He told me that one of the "big guys" at Napster wants to "do lunch" and talk.
Maybe when Napster moves to a monthly service fee model they'll cut us
3eb fans some slack and let the free downloads continue!  That, or they want 
to shut down "this blondijen character" who's the most popular 3eb song
download house on Napster.  tee hee  OOPS!  :o)
Stephan and I were discussing some Christian influences in 3eb's songs,
as I have just completed the Left Behind series.  After our discussion,
he encouraged me to read the book Jesus' Son.  
Stephan wanted me to tell you all that the movie he's in, 
now called "Rock Star," will be in theatres April 13.  3eb will be recording
a song for the movie's soundtrack.  No word yet on the tune.
Stephan has written and produced a track called 
"Rock Show" with Run DMC for their new album Crown Royal
that is due out on 3/6/01.  LISTEN NOW! (real audio)
Stephan says it's being played in NYC and LA already.  
He also told me that Arista hates the song but that he
wanted to do something hip-hop more than the hardcore
rap/rock that's so popular these days because he's personally
sick of it.  You're not the only one, SJ!  :0)
3eb has recorded Johnny Cash's song "Cry, Cry, Cry" 
(real audio clip of original) for the Sun Records Tribute Album 
that's due out in Spring 2001.
3eb have been asked to play on an upcoming Paul McCartney 
tribute album and, because he's such a big fan, Arion's picking
out which tune the band will cover!
Stephan says he's currently digging on music like Shaggy's 
"It Wasn't Me," Bay Area band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 
(consisting of members from former bands Idiot Flesh and 
Charming Hostess
) and Jah Rule
Contrary to earlier reports, 3eb is NOT releasing any more songs from "Blue."  :(

Stephan was really sweet and gave Robin and me after-show passes so we could continue our conversation.  We left backstage, we went downstairs and to the stage.  It was before doors had opened to the public so we had first pick at where we wanted to stand.  We took front and center of course.  :)

The show ROCKED.  It was sooo good.  Here is the set list (in order as played):

01.  Anything
02.  10 Days Late
03.  Wounded 
04.  Never Let You Go
05.  Narcolepsy
06.  Jumper 

07.  Horror Show 
08.  Darkness
09.  Losing A Whole Year 

10.  Scattered 

11.  How's It Going to Be

12.  I Want You 
13.  1000 Julys
14.  Motorcycle Drive By
15.  Semi-Charmed Life
16.  Graduate
17.  Deep Inside of You
18.  God of Wine

After the show, we went backstage again and waited for the band.  I delivered a bunch of Christmas cards to each band member, which they were stoked to receive.

Pictures from the show

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