3eb at Rain in the Desert, Las Vegas, NV 02/17/02

Jen's Review
3eb at Rain in the Desert, Las Vegas, NV 02/17/02

by Jen

Vegas Baby Vegas!

Wooby and I were so excited to go to Vegas. The moment 3eb announced the show, Wooby and I made hotel and plane reservations. We decided to go out a day early so we could live it up in the City of Sin. Our friend Sharon decided to join us and made plans to fly in from Dallas.

Our flight was only one hour from San Francisco to Vegas so Wooby and I made good and quick use of my free drink tickets on SouthWorst. I had tomato juice and vodka and Wooby had a Vodka Cranberry. The altitude must have affected us when mixed with the alcohol. All I know is the lady in front of us was being mean and giving me "shut the hell up" stares every time I burst out laughing. We were buzzing when we hit the runway in Vegas.

Last time I was in Vegas was for my birthday last October when I won big on the slot machines. I decided it was my fate to be a gambler so I took my final unemployment check of $330 to piss away. Wooby was waiting by the conveyer belt for her bag that she was too lazy to carry (dammit) and I was at the airport slot machines losing money.

We got to our hotel for the night, the Luxor (yanno the big pyramid one) and met up with Sharon, who had already checked us in. We put up our stuff and hit the buffet. Then we gambled....and gambled.... and gambled... Wooby got lost from Sharon and me. She was able to find us by my screaming when I won big on the slots - $165.00. haha!

I don't remember what else we did that night. (wooby care to fill in?)  Wooby: We were supposed to go have drinks and watch some local band, but once we got in the room we got too comfortable and stayed up yapping until the wee hours.

Sunday morning we checked out of the Luxor and headed over to our hotel for Sunday night, the Palms, where the show was. We couldn't check in because they didn't have our room cleaned yet so we checked our bags with the bellman and headed over to their buffet for a Champagne Brunch. We were standing in line when up walks Tony, who goes through the VIP line. We were seated just a few tables away from him. The buffet there was THE BEST yum yum yum.

We finished up and I called my friend in Vegas, Katie, who we met up with at the Aladdin Desert Passage for some shopping. I bought some really cute Steve Madden flip flops, (I bought a devil duck). We hung out there for quite a while.

About 3pm we headed back to the hotel to check in. While waiting in line to check in, Wooby recognized some people she knew that were hanging around waiting for something interesting to happen. I was pleasantly scared by my 3eb-internet-buddy Michelle who came out of no where and said HEY GIRL! She flew all the way from NJ for the show.

We got up to our room on the 52nd floor and it was amazing! Down comforter, brand new everything... wow. I called another internet fan, Cindy, and invited her to our room to hang out. She had drove from Denver and so we were able to finally meet.

We all got dressed and went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the hotel called Little Buddha. It was sooooo good. After that, it was time to wait in line. I gambled while Wooby held our place in line (Hey I gambled too.  I won like $12). Right before the doors opened I found out that people with "VIP" passes would be able to bypass the line and go in first. So Wooby, Sharon and I took good advantage of this privilege and jumped to the front of the line. We were one of the first in the door and scored prime real estate on a raised level in the club with a PERFECT view.

They played Incubus on the sound system before 3eb came on so I was even more happy, if that's possible. It'd been a couple of months since I last saw 3eb so it was EXCITING to be seeing them again, especially in VEGAS! I knew from the moment they walked out onstage, all refreshed looking, that it would be a great show. And I was sooo right.  Stephan spotted Wooby and me in the crowd almost immediately, pointed, said hi and waved. hehe  We're always there. LOL!

Set list:

01 - Graduate
02 - Anything
03 - Never Let You Go
04 - Wounded
05 - Narcolepsy
06 - Jumper
07 - Forget Myself
08 - Faster
09 - Crystal Baller
10 - I Want You
11 - Losing A Whole Year
12 - 1000 Julys
13 - How's It Going to Be
14 - Motorcycle Drive By
15 - Semi-Charmed Life
16 - God of Wine

Immediately after the show, we walked upstairs to the VIP area. We tried to sneak in Katie and Cindy but the security was tight. I got a Corona and sat down to smoke a fag (and I got a Smirnoff Ice). Wooby hates 2nd hand smoke so I had to make an extra effort where I was blowing it (It was no matter... we were in Vegas, where everyone smokes whether they like it or not). A few minutes later, 3eb's beautiful and wonderful tour manager came over and gave us after-after show arm bracelets to get us into the super-VIP party. She said that she was going to go tell Stephan that we were there (so he would come out of where he was hiding.) A few minutes later Stephan came out and sat down (chippendale dancer in tow), nearly forcing Wooby into my lap because the sofa was kinda tiny, like a love seat. We talked for a bit about the show and I told him it was probably the best vocal performance he's given to date.  I asked if he was receiving voice lessons. He said he was experimenting a lot in the shower and was trying to sound the same onstage now. Practice makes perfect! I also told him that they could have sang "Crystal Baller" for the entire set and I wouldn't have been disappointed.  HAHA!  We talked about the book club for a bit and he was excited that our book club was inspiring other book clubs to start up around the country.  He gave us a book for February. We talked about some other random things that I can't remember now (he talked about Incubus, a comment I'd rather ignore). He wanted to make sure we got the bracelets for the super-VIP party that was going on at the 55th floor, The Ghost Bar. He said it was sure to be fun.

I walked up to Brad and said hi and asked him about how the record was coming. He said they had 6 definite songs and it was going great. I made sure Crystal Baller was one of the 6 songs. It is. Yippee!

So we headed to the Ghost Bar but encountered security who wasn't in on the plans for people with bracelets. Communication isn't a strong point for the Palms security. We spent the next hour waiting in line to get up to the party. At one point the fakes of Real World Las Vegas were standing in front of me in line, cameras rolling. Fake, TRL lovin, Carson Daly-wannabe guy #1 asks me "so how did you get that?" (as he stares at my VIP pass). Me - "well, I am a big fan of third eye blind and I run a really big fan website for them called stephanjenkins.com" (i say very coyly to the dood while being filmed) Stupid sticky-uppy hair trendy guy #1 is like "oh ok" and then practically begs me to ask him "so are yall on Real World? (filming stops immediately) Apparently, I asked the big no no. Oh well. Like I really give a crap.

So we got upstairs like FINALLY and the place was tiny. We walked out onto the roof and there is an amazingggg view of the city. We hung out and people watched... it was after midnight. We walked around some more and walk into Arion, who's handing out vodka/orange juice drinks (you mean screwdrivers). He offered me and Wooby one and we accepted.  Arion gives good hugs, too, what a sweetheart.

A few minutes later we decided it was time to retire to the room because our feet were falling off and we had to catch a plane in a few hours to go home.

All in all we had a grand time.  This was my 31st 3eb show.  Can't wait to see them play again!

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