Las Vegas, NV 04/28/01

by Jen

My trip started out like this:  get up early, go to airport, expect flight to be cancelled, expect to get pissed, expect to not be able to make it to Vegas, etc. etc. etc.

I get to the airport and check in.  The lady at the front gawked that I was travelling alone.  "So you're going to Vegas all by your lonesome?" she says.  I defensivley replied, "Well, actually, I am staying with a friend and we are going to a concert tonight."  She continued, "oh really what concert?"  So I told her Third Eye Blind.  She went on and on about how she loved 3eb and how she's from Vegas and didn't know they were playing there that night and blah blah blah.  I was like COOL!  SO she checked me in and I asked if the plane was on time and she replied yes.  WELLLLLL, not 10 minutes later they told me that our plane was like dead and they were going to have to basically give it life support.  They estimated it to take 45 minutes.  So I called Katie (my friend in Las Vegas - hi Katie!) and told her I'd be late and to not be surprised if they just were jacking us around and were really just going to cancel the flight.

True to their word, National Airlines started boarding 45 minutes later to Las Vegas.  As they started to call out rows to board the plane, I looked at my ticket and noticed that I was scheduled to sit on Row 1 seat D.  I was like SHE BUMPED ME UP TO FIRST CLASS!!!!!!!!!  So I got on the plane and they asked me what I wanted to drink (a nice first class perk) and I was like umm Coke.  I told the stewardess lady "I didn't pay for first class" and she was like "I won't tell if you don't!"  So I think the lady at the counter bumped me to first class for being a 3eb fan!!!!!!!!!  Thanks lady!

First class was awesome.  I wish it had been a longer flight.  I talked with this lady next to me and found out she is friends with a friend of Tony's and that was interesting.  3eb is everywhere, everywhere.

So Katie picked me up at the airport and we went back to her apartment to change.  There was a 30 degree difference in temperature from SF to Vegas so needless to say I couldn't wear jeans and a sweater in 90 degree weather.  We changed and decided to go to Alladin Resort and Casino to shop in the big mall they have built in to the resort.  Well, we shopped alright.  I spent a lot at Ann Taylor and Sephora.  We ate a late lunch at PF Changs Chinese place where the waiter stalked us and made us eat appetizers that he payed for.  

After that, we went back and layed around in the air conditioning (we don't have that in San Francisco, it reminded me of home) and then got dressed for the show.

We got to the venue around 7pm and got in a long line to buy tickets.  We just knew we'd be getting some terrible seats that late in the game.  We were wrong.  We scored 2nd row.  The thing is, the event center was really a HUGE arena, seating thousands.  We were 2nd row on the SIDE.  The entire floor was seating for those who donated 2000 bucks or more to the Tiger Woods charity.  They were pretty much all over 40 and hoity toity to a T!  Security was pretty lax to say the least.

Finally 3eb came on and they were really good but basically played just the hits plus Wounded and MDB.  I was disappointed that they didn't play the new stuff but I guess I expect too much hehe.  I took a few pictures but I only like taking close ups and we weren't in the position to do such things.

The best part of the show was at the end when they launched into Semi-Charmed Life and the audience finally developed a pulse.  I looked at Katie and said "I have to go down there.  HOLD THIS!"  I shoved my camera, mini disk recorder and purse to her and I was gone.  I hopped over the row of chairs in front of us and over the chairs against the wall of the floor.  I made a mad dash for the stage and was stopped by a female bouncer.  That was fine, I wrestled free and ran down the 2nd aisle that was unguarded and straight up to Arion.  I was leaning against the stage and my heart was racing.  I had adrenaline rushing 8462060254602 miles an hour and I was bouncing around like Tigger in front of the stage.  I enjoyed the rest of the song and show as it should be done... in the very front row.

After SCL was over, the show was also over.  I walked back up to our seats and apologized to Katie for taking off.  She understood like any good 3eb fan should.  hehe  The guys that were sitting next to us gave me a high 5 and they all told me that I was on the 2 jumbo trons that were broadcasting the show to the people in the back.  I was like WOOOOHOOOO.  

After 3eb came John Cougar Mellencamp.  I was surprised that I knew practically every song and could sing along.  He was pretty good considering his age.  I hope 3eb plays 20 years from now.  Hell, I'll be 44 and still running a fan site.  HAHA!

Mid-way through JCM we left and went back to Katie's. I was beat.  I crashed on her AWESOME futon and fell asleep to the hum of the air conditioner.  It was a good night.

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