Long Beach, CA 04/07/01

by Jen

Wooby and I had the chance to meet a BUNCH of you guys at yesterdays Long Beach Grand Prix. I just want to give shouts out to Mina and Lita - thanks for the Pier One gift card! How sweet! 
3eb was awesome - they played 2 new songs "Forget Myself" and "I Am the Conqueror." I've heard "Forget Myself" before and hearing it a second time was just.....WOW. It is the COOLEST 3eb song. I'm going to write out the lyrics today, from what I can remember. It's a song about a rock star (it was written for the movie "Rock Star") and how his woman is better off without him because he's too busy getting loaded all the time and chillin' backstage and around LA with other stars. Hmmm could this be autobiographical? JK hehe
"I Am the Conqueror" was a good song, too, but it was my first time hearing it so I can't quite recall what it was all about. All I know is that Stephan was trying to joust Arion and Tony with his mic stand. Stephan said it was for "some jousting movie," and the movie "A Knight's Tale" kind of fits that description.  I mean, how many jousting movies can there be?
During the end of "Jumper" they covered some song from the 80s. Maybe it's called "Harder They Fall" or something - I dunno - I was too young in 80s to really enjoy the music. 
Stephan dedicated MDB to the fans who "came a long way." Arion cut his hair, which I was shocked over at first because I have NEVER seen Arion with short hair, but it looks WAY COOL. (what a tomcat - mrow!)  It's very British rock star to me. Some girl threw a book onstage - hmm could it be for Stephan's Book Club? It was the book The Fountainhead. I'll have to see what that book's about. 
At the end of the show, Brad threw his drumsticks. Well, it BOUNCED off my eye before Wooby caught it. I have a slight bruise on my eye lid and a busted blood vessel on my eyeball. I will probably have to go to the eye doctor. So, this is the SECOND time I have been hit in the face by Brad's flying drumsticks in 4 months. Mebbe I shouldn't stand in the front row at every show? NO WAY! It's worth the risk to me. :) Just call me "Patch," ok? :)
Right after the show, Wooby had to take me to the airport to catch my flight home to SF. I'm sorry to report that we didn't get to harass the band backstage for information, but I'll do my best to get some more new music scoop soon.
 this is my swollen eye and the red splotch on the right side of my eyeball is the busted blood vessel :(


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