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3eb Christmas Party San Francisco, CA 12.19.01

by Jen

Darla - dog of one of the crew members

A week or so ago, I received an invitation for myself plus 9 friends to Darla's Christmas Party at the Make Out Room in San Francisco's Mission District. I was told that Darla didn't want anyone knowing about the show so I didn't tell anyone. I knew in my heart that Darla was really Third Eye Blind and that this was one of the "secret shows" that Stephan had told me about during my September interview... you know, the shows where they would test out new material to a few people.

I kept the secret well, inviting a choice fans from all over the country. Unfortunately, because it is Christmas travel time, no one could make it out without spending a fortune, so only Wooby and I attended the party. I didn't take my minidisk recorder or camera out of respect for the band. Believe me, no one wishes more than me to have a chance to listen to last night's show a million times over to tide me over til the album arrives.

Last night we showed up to the Make Out Room around 9:30pm. At the door I asked what time Darla would play and the doorman said "you mean Third Eye Blind?" Guess he isn't good at keeping secrets! So we paid our $6 cover and went towards the stage where a band called Naked Barbie was playing on 3eb's instruments. We saw a couple of fans we knew. The venue is true to it's name... it's a ROOM. Very small and intimate. I had been to a Jane Magazine party there just a year before so I knew I was in for a treat to see 3eb play for a total of 150 people! 

I grabbed a beer and hung out with Wooby then walked outside for a smoke. I talked with a couple of the crew until Brad pulled up to park. I went back inside to get a good standing spot at the front.

Not too long after that, Arion came out and chatted with us for a little bit. He was a little bit nervous about the quality of the show because the songs were just so new and there was still a lot of work to be done. 

Around 10:30, 3eb aka Darla, hit the stage. Most of their songs were indeed in demo-mode because Stephan was resinging some verses of a few songs. I felt like I was at an elaborate sound check or studio session, it was incredible. I wish I could have heard the lyrics more clearly but the music was greatttttt. Here is the set list:

Break Me
Man About
Crystal Baller
A Friend Coming Over
Palm Reader
Forget Myself

Crystal Baller is my definite favorite of the bunch, because it has a raw emotion attached to it. One can only imagine what the song is about when the lyrics say something like "I need a crystal baller, I need a diamond ring, like the one I never gave you, and the promise that it brings." Being that most of SJ's songs are autobiographical, I wonder what THAT song is about. hmmmm

A Friend Coming Over seems to be about a couple who breaks up but stays friends. One day the guy goes over to the girls house and sees her naked in the shower and then proclaims he could go down on her for an hour. Stephan said last night "This song is about Cunnilingus! Or it's GOING to be about Cunnilingus!" Standing ovation, please, for a man that returns the favor! *raises glass*

Butterfly reminded me of old school Incubus where the words flow so friggin fast that you can't understand a damn thing being sung unless you've memorized the words beforehand. Can't tell you at all about this song, but trust me, it's nothing like Mariah Carey's Butterfly song.

Faster had a really nice intro - speedy guitars by Tony and Stephan.

Misfits is the song that 3eb will be recording with Fred Durst. I could tell that the song was dedicated to 3eb fans because Stephan always refers to us as "misfits." and we don't fit in.... Admittedly, I'm a little nervous of Fred Durst's affiliation with 3eb music, as I've never believed 3eb fans to be closet Durst/Bizkit fans. I also think that the whole rap/rock combination is getting old and tired, but hey I'm always open to new interpretations of the idea so we'll see what happens. Stephan says that this song will be the first single off the new album. :X

Overall the songs were great. I can't tell you how privileged that I felt being there. I wish I could remember more details about the songs. Maybe Wooby will have some insight.

After the show, I mingled a bit with some of the management team and spoke briefly with Brad. Arion was really chatty last night, he's a doll that can play one mother of a bass. I talked to him about his paintings and he revealed that the paintings on display in PA were his first attempts at painting. Pretty good, eh? Who knew he was so multi-talented?

I talked to Stephan for a while and contrary to what the Gossip Communist is gossiping about lately, he's NOT anorexic, but he's a healthy 180 pounds. He says he has lost 15 pounds with the help of a nutritionist and is aiming to have a clear cut 6 pack. You go boy. He was really friendly and cheerful. He said for the first time this year he really got into the spirit of the holiday season and has trimmed his house with holiday cheer, sent out Christmas cards and the whole deal. You guys saw the Christmas card he sent me on the opening page of the website that has the Boo wearing a Santa hat. He also reintroduced me to Adrian, his friend who 10 Days Late was written about. He was drinking what looked to be a whiskey sour and getting hit on by women left and right. We chit-chatted about the site and other random things that I can't remember for alcohol reasons.

At the end of the night, I handed over all the Christmas cards that fans had sent in over the past few weeks. I had split them up by band member and wrapped them for each of the guys. All promised to read them. They really do read their mail and sometimes respond. I know of a fan in Texas who sent Stephan a birthday card and a donation to our breast cancer fundraiser who received a hand written thank you note from Stephan, so never doubt that your mail gets read!

That's it for now folks! if I think of more I'll add it later.

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