City:  Stockton, CA and San Francisco, CA
Date:  3/5, 3/7 and 3/8 2000

I got my pic taken with the dragons!

Well, folks, I am back from my week of 3eb shows.  I was present at Stockton and both San Francisco shows. 

Let me assure y'all of something...

If you have tickets for this tour you will not be sorry for your investment... It rocked!  Lights were phenomenal!  The music was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I was lucky enough to go backstage after the shows and chat with the band.  Everyone was really nice and chatty.  I think Tony is still adjusting to his overnight stardom, but other than that it's business as usual for 3eb.  I'd be lying through my white chompers if I said that there wasn't a *Kevin Void* on stage.  Perhaps that's why they didn't perform "Background" since Kevin had the most rockin outro for that song.  I couldn't help but shed a tear when they launched into Motor Cycle Driveby.  Kevin is missed by the fans.  

I had a friend express to me his feelings on the band's separation from Kevin.  He said it's like having your parents get divorced.  This is a good analogy, if you really think about it.  I mean, when your parents get divorced you still love both of them equally, but they just couldn't get along any more and rather than make your life hell they part ways.  Often times they re-marry (hence Tony) but even though you've got a new step-dad and you love him you still don't call him Dad.  The thing is both *parents* will want visitation rights, so you'll get to see them both often.  If the parents love you then they will never ask you to take sides or pick one over the other.

Back to the show...

 Stephan also gave us the FULL background information on the stage set and Dragons (which I asked to have my pic taken next to with Stephan and then we got to pet them) and he loves the fan laminates!  

I also met Tony.  He's a nice guy and I think he has a sunglasses fetish.  I told him, "you even have your own website now, you're like official!" 

Needless to say, 3eb is really looking forward to playing the world the new songs. 


The opening act, Zen, you know, the dood with the afro... that's Natty!  From Puck and Natty back in Stephan's rap days!  When they introduced him I was like "dood! it's Natty!"  HAHA  And the cool thing was that he was a better act than Tonic!  Shhh....Tonic may be here.... hehe  But seriously, Stephan hooked Natty up with an opening act gig for the San Fran shows.  On the second night of 3eb, Natty parked next to me.  He looked at me and said "I just wanna be your friend!"  hahaha just kidding...but he DID park next to me and my blue 3eb mobile.

Natty errr I mean Zen