Getting Into Private Shows

Obviously, there aren't any tickets for sale at private shows, so I've written down some of my own party crashing skills for you all to use.  These should work the same for private shows because typically private shows are big corporate parties.  The phone to ear method works best.  If you have people with you, it's best to split up and "every man for himself."  9 times out of 10 you will all get in.  Make plans to meet in the first bathroom area once you're inside.

Go to the venue and make "friends" with legit people hanging around. Find out if they were given tickets or badges or whatever. See if anyone has extras (you lost yours) - heck, it's great to look legit.  When the time comes to go in just pile in behind a big group of people, get on your cell phone and pretend to be deep in conversation. Just walk right in. If they try to stop you -DON'T- just keep walking. If they force you to stop, announce to your "caller" that you HAVE to go because some guy needs you and hang up your phone then ask them what the deal is.  If you get busted, tell them you lost your badge/ticket at dinner and "come on man, it's just me. Look all my friends are here, come on." Works every time.
If you do get in and enjoy a show on me, let me know in the Guestbook!  Good luck!

Sneaking A Camera Into A Concert

There are a few ways to attempt this, so I am going to pose a few to you that I have tried and had worked.

Go to the venue and wait around out front to see how security is handling pat downs and purse checks.  If they aren't checking, then you're good to go with camera in purse or bag.  If they are checking, then read below.

For those of you with tits (size c or larger), take your camera and turn it vertical.  Place it between your boobs under the middle part of your bra.  Then, life your boobs a little.  From the front, you can't tell and security NEVER pats down boobs.  Even if it sticks out a little, it's ok.  Chances are no one will notice but YOU.  Once inside the venue, head to the restroom to take your camera out.  Viola!

For those of you with smaller boobies, wear 2 pair of underwear.  Stick the camera on top of the first layer of undies, but under the 2nd pair.  This way, you won't get coochie on your camera (haha).  Make sure your thighs are held together while you walk so it helps support the camera.  Some undies aren't strong enough on their own to hold the weight of a camera.  Once inside the venue, head to the restroom to take your camera out and take off the 2nd pair of undies.  If your undies happen to be red, then throw them on stage during Semi-Charmed Life!   Viola! **This trick also works for guys**

Sneaking A Recorder Into A Concert

If you're like me, then you record bootlegs of the shows you go to for memories years to come. 

Always buy a recordable tape of good quality, I suggest Sony CD-IT.  Length should be 120 minutes. 

Take your handheld recorder and stick it in the small of your back, halfway in your pants and halfway out.  The belt area of your pants will hold it in place.  Pull your shirt down a little to cover it.  Once again, security won't touch your back or butt, they can only pat down your sides. If you have on a coat to cover your back, even better.  Chances are (again) that no one will notice the hump but you.  Once inside the venue, just reach back and pull out your recorder and place it in a safe spot in your bag.  Don't let security catch you fumbling with it in the open because they will take it away.

Tips on Meeting the Band

After the show, haul ass to the back of the venue and wait by the band tour busses.  You may have a to wait a long time (about 2 hours), but eventually 3eb has to get on those busses to trek to the next concert city.  99.999% of the time they will take about 15 minutes to sign autographs, take pics and mingle with the fans.  3eb is good to their people, so go for it!

If you meet Stephan make sure to tell him how much you love Jen's!  And tell him that Jen says "hi!"

What to say if you meet a 3eb band member

Sometimes, emotions can be hard to hold back.  Crying when you meet a band member may be unavoidable, but you want to have some sort of interaction with the guys - they LOVE talking to the fans!  Strike up a topic that they are familiar with - here are a few suggestions:

  • Hey, that was really cool when you *went out into the audience during Jumper* tonight.  

  • Hey, I visit ** all the time and get my 3eb information there.

  • When are you going to release your next single and what will it be?

Yellow highlighted text is where you can enter your own comments

Getting a picture with the band

Some of the members in 3eb prefer not to pose for pictures with fans.  To get a picture of you and your fave 3eb member, have a friend snap a picture of you while you're meeting the band member.  Even though you aren't posing, you'll still get a picture made with 3eb.  3eb is very used to flash bulbs going off around them and won't mind at all, it's the posing that takes so much energy.  :)

Checklist of what to pack for a concert

  Camera with strap
  Several rolls of film and extra camera battery
  Tickets   (you would be a dumbass to forget these, but I've seen it happen!)
  Water bottles
  Off! Bug Spray
  Deodorant (deo for the b.o.)
  Sunscreen (at least 30 SPF)
  Change of clothes
  Disposable poncho (just in case it rains)
  Plastic tarp (to sit on that can be thrown away, do not suggest a blanket in a mosh pit)      
  Chapstick (with SPF)
  Paper and Sharpie pen (in case you meet the guys!)
  Binoculars (in case you have way shitty seats / standing area)
  Tampons (if it's that time of the month, suggest O.B. that you can tuck in your pockets)
  Condoms and lube (jokes Casey, but hey, you never know!)
  Comb, lipstick and mirror
  A really cheesy sign to hold up
  Misc. junk to throw on stage that is mentioned in 3eb songs (i.e. little red panties)
  Some breath mints for your funky cake hole!  (gum works well, too)

So far these instructions have worked for A LOT of folks.  I enjoy hearing about how my tips help people, so drop me a line and let me know if they worked for you - I may just post them on this page!